Our Projects

Transition Snoqualmie Valley is pleased to have created and continue to grow two highly successful local projects, and be starting on a third!

learninggardenlogoFall City Learning Garden: The Learning Garden serves the Fall City community by small garden beds to gardeners who don’t have access to land, providing hands-on educational workshops, and encouraging contributions of fresh vegetables to the Fall City Community Food Pantry.


seedexchangelogoSnoqualmie Valley Seed Exchange: The Seed Exchange is a volunteer-led joint project of three small local non profits: Transition Snoqualmie Valley, Strategies for Provident Living and SnoValley Tilth. We are working together to rebuild our community’s food culture and promote self-reliance.


Snoqualmie Valley Gift Circle:   Charles Eisenstein says it beautifully: “Community is woven from gifts. Unlike today’s market system, whose built-in scarcity compels competition in which more for me is less for you, in a gift economy the opposite holds. Because people in gift culture pass on their surplus rather than accumulating it, your good fortune is my good fortune: more for you is more for me. Wealth circulates, gravitating toward the greatest need. In a gift community, people know that their gifts will eventually come back to them, albeit often in a new form. Such a community might be called a ‘circle of the gift.'”

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